Scenes from Memory, Travel and Weather : Postcards from the Mind

My recent art is influenced by life’s experiences and emotions: traveling throughout Wisconsin, the Great Plains and the West; the weather, storms and clouds that liven up the sky, and dreams about these places. An abstracted blurred line of dark trees against a glowing field of wheat and ominous forms in the sky. There are good and bad memories associated with these pictures, postcards from the mind. Greetings from Ann! Wish You Were Here.

Recent Works

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Other Works

Digital Art

From 1995-2014 I was heavily involved in creating digital art. I used an assortment of software programs, some in combination with each other: Bryce, Artmatic, Photoshop and others. MORE…

Mixed Media

Psycho Mallardo

My abstract art created from the early 1980s through the mid 2000s utilized acrylics in combination with other media, mainly metallics such as prismatic glitter, nacreous paint and metal leaf. MORE…

Home Gallery

The Great Room: Paintings in the Corner. "Satin Riots" #2 and #3, mixed media, circa 1996 (left); "Lost Days," mixed media, circa 1995 (right).

View my paintings on my walls. MORE…