Eye M Ann AmphibiAnn

Eye M Ann AmphibiAnn by Ann Stretton
Eye M Ann AmphibiAnn by Ann Stretton
Watercolor on paper, 17″x17″ approximate image area. Summer 2019.

This painting started out as a document of my recent eye operation, specifically what I imagined my eye to look like before said surgery (I had nodules on my corneas). Last year I was fitted with a special kind of contact lens which allowed me to see wonderfully because they were filled with saline which smoothed out the bumps on my eyes. Unfortunately, they weren’t that comfortable and I decided to get the surgery after a year of wearing them. Since my vision was improved when my eyes were immersed in water, I fancied myself as a sort of amphibian, an AmphibiAnn.

The metallic gold watercolor background, now a discontinued watercolor paint by Daniel Smith, is a nod to my older metal leaf paintings.

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