Mountaincloud by Ann Stretton
Mountaincloud by Ann Stretton
Watercolor on paper, 5″x3″ approximate image area. Fall 2019. Ann Stretton.

Sold, in a private collection.


  1. Thank you, Anne. I love that ragged sky. It almost looks as if you ground away some of the darker color to show the lighter beneath, or added ragged edged tissue paper. Maybe it’s the Daniel Smith ground you mentioned. However you did it, I love the look it created.

    1. Thank you! I do also scratch into the paint a lot too. Watercolors are a newer medium for me. I used a acrylics heavily in the past, and painted abstractly, so I tend to approach watercolor painting more as I would acrylic painting. I don’t use them traditionally.

    1. Hi Deborah, I’m not exactly sure which paper I used on this small painting—it might have been just some old acrylic painting paper I had lying around or maybe it was some Arches watercolor paper, or maybe some Arches printing paper—I really don’t know. What I also might have done was use some Daniel Smith watercolor ground over it which provides a little bit more texture than a smooth paper. Also, for the sky, I used Daniel Smith metallic/iridescent/duochrome watercolors, and when light reflects off of it, it may appear to create a texture in a photograph.

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